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Maniac Magee
Maniac Magee
by Jerry Spinelli
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Maniac Magee Chapter 45 Summary

  • Maniac is back snuggling with Baby Buffalo when he someone starts calling his name.
  • Mars Bar Thompson has actually come looking for Maniac. Before he'll tell Maniac what happened with the boys, he wants to know why Maniac, who isn't scared of anything was apparently scared of the trestle. Maniac tells Mars the whole story.
  • In return, Mars tells of his dramatic rescue of Russell. After he managed to get him off the trestle, Russell just won't let go. So Mars takes the two of them home, and his mom takes over. Big surprise: a mother's love is just what the two boys needed. They get cleaned up, fed, and babied.
  • Eventually, Mars manages to ask Maniac why he's never come to stay with him. Maniac doesn't have an answer.
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