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Maniac Magee
Maniac Magee
by Jerry Spinelli
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Maniac Magee Family Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"Maniac Magee was not born in a dump. He was born in a house, a pretty ordinary house, right across the river from here, in Bridgeport. And he had regular parents, a mother and a father." (1.5)

Well, this doesn't sound much like the start of a legend to us. How would Maniac's life have been different had his parents lived? Would he have been able to learn as much about life and love as he does?

Quote #2

"Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan hated each other, but because they were strict Catholics, they wouldn't get a divorce. Around the time Jeffrey arrived, they stopped talking to each other. Then they stopped sharing." (1.7)

So Maniac's first memories of family life are of hatred. Awesome! Not the first thing that most of think of when we think of family, thankfully.

Quote #3

"As whistles go, Mrs. Pickwell's was one of the all-time greats. It reeled in every Pickwell kid for dinner every night." (6.2)

Getting called home to a safe, warm, happy place with good food every night, where your friends are always welcome? Sounds like a family to us.

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