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Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee


by Jerry Spinelli

Maniac Magee Friendship Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

As he passed them, he said, 'Hi.' Just that—'Hi'—and he was gone. They stopped, they blinked, they turned, they stared after him, they wondered: Do I know that kid? Because people just didn't say that to strangers, out of the blue. (2.7)

Gee, how rude of him to say "Hi." But really, Maniac has the most important step towards friendship down: being friendly. It's kind of a relief that life with the unloving Uncle Dan and Aunt Dot didn't completely turn him off of human niceties, right?

Quote #2

Maniac smiled. "We can fix it." The way he said it, she believed. "Want to come to my house?" she said. "Sure," he said. (11.26-28)

And there you have it: a friendship is born. Yep, Amanda and Maniac really start becoming friends when they begin to trust each other. Maniac offers to fix something that's wrong, and Amanda invites him home.

Quote #3

She regretted it as soon as she said it. His head swung, his eyes met hers. His eyes said, Why did you say that? Her eyes couldn't answer. (18.30)

Friendship isn't all giggling and going to movies together. Sometimes we say mean things. And the hard part is, it's going to hurt worse, because it's coming from someone you love and trust.

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