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Manifest Destiny & Mexican-American War Websites

Covering the Controversial War

A fantastic work-in-progress from Virginia Tech that explores the Mexican-American War and the media, which will provide "links to transcriptions of newspaper articles, indexes, images, bibliographies, timelines, and official documents related to the 1846-1848 war between the United States and Mexico."

Chronicling the Mexican-American War

PBS site on the "U.S.-Mexican War," with resources for educators, a timeline, and a series of biographies.

Contextualizing the Conflict

A site on the war developed by Descendants of Mexican-American War Veterans, with maps, documents, and other primary sources, as well as a list of historic sites in Texas, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, and Mexico.

Perspectives on the War

From the Texas Historical Commission, an account of the conflict with footnotes and illustrations.

Military History

"The Mexican War and After," extracted from American Military History: Army Historical Series.

Primary Sources on the War

Historical Text Archive; contains some broken links but those functioning include Pres. Polk's War Message to Congress and the text of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

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