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Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park


by Jane Austen

Edmund Bertram Timeline and Summary

  • Edmund is nice to his little cousin Fanny after she moves in.
  • As an adult, Edmund remains the responsible son and plans to be a clergyman.
  • He often speaks up for Fanny when his mom and Aunt Norris mistreat her.
  • Edmund is intrigued by Mary Crawford and begins falling for her.
  • He and Mary have a major debate about the clergy while visiting Mr. Rushworth's house.
  • Edmund continues to waver back and forth on his feelings for Mary, due to their many differing beliefs.
  • Edmund opposes the play but decides to act in it in order to avoid inviting a stranger over.
  • He has a part opposite Mary and the two have a love scene together that they rehearse with Fanny's help.
  • Edmund accepts blame for the play when his father returns home.
  • His relationship with Mary continues to progress.
  • Before Fanny attends her first ball, Edmund gives her a chain for her cross.
  • Edmund then leaves to take his orders in the church.
  • When Edmund returns he tries to convince Fanny to marry Henry.
  • Edmund writes to Fanny in Portsmouth and updates her on his trip to London to see Mary.
  • He is still wavering about what to do about Mary.
  • Edmund then cares for his brother Tom when Tom falls ill.
  • He picks up Fanny and Susan from Portsmouth.
  • Edmund fills Fanny in on his break-up with Mary.
  • Later Edmund marries Fanny and the two move into the Parsonage at Mansfield.