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Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park


by Jane Austen

Fanny Price Timeline and Summary

  • Fanny comes to Mansfield from her home in Portsmouth as a girl.
  • Fanny has a hard time adjusting to her new life and grows up timid and shy.
  • She falls in love with her cousin Edmund at a young age.
  • Fanny grows increasingly jealous once Mary Crawford arrives and begins to grow close to Edmund.
  • Fanny accompanies everyone on a trip to Mr. Rushworth's house.
  • Mary and Edmund leave Fanny, and Fanny then has a series of awkward encounters with all the major characters while never leaving her bench.
  • Fanny is the only young person to not participate in the play at Mansfield.
  • Instead, Fanny is forced to listen to everyone complain and has to read lines with people.
  • Fanny grows increasingly jealous of Mary.
  • Sir Thomas returns home and is much more affectionate towards Fanny.
  • Mary approaches Fanny as a friend and the two spend time together once Maria and Julia leave town.
  • Fanny is thrilled when her brother William comes to visit her.
  • Henry Crawford decides to pursue Fanny romantically as a joke, but ends up actually falling in love with her.
  • Fanny attends her very first ball.
  • Henry proposes to Fanny but she refuses him.
  • Everyone is shocked by her refusal and Fanny is under siege from everyone who's trying to convince her to change her mind.
  • Sir Thomas sends Fanny to visit her family in Portsmouth.
  • Fanny is dismayed by her family and comes to consider Mansfield her real home.
  • Henry continues to pursue Fanny in Portsmouth.
  • Fanny bonds with her younger sister Susan.
  • Fanny receives a series of shocking letters from Mansfield: Tom is sick, Julia eloped, and Maria left her husband for Henry.
  • Fanny and Susan return to Mansfield with Edmund.
  • Edmund tells Fanny that his relationship with Mary is over.
  • Eventually, Edmund and Fanny get married.