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Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park


by Jane Austen

Henry Crawford Timeline and Summary

  • Henry arrives at Mansfield with his sister Mary.
  • He quickly sets to work making the Bertram sisters fall in love with him.
  • Henry flirts with both Maria and Julia during the trip to Mr. Rushworth's house.
  • But he starts showing a definite preference for Maria.
  • During the play, Henry slights Julia and breaks her heart.
  • Maria is convinced that Henry loves her.
  • But when Sir Thomas returns, Henry skips out on Maria.
  • Later Henry returns and starts pursuing Fanny for fun.
  • But he then starts to actually fall in love with Fanny.
  • He helps her brother get a promotion in order to get in her good graces.
  • Henry confesses his love of Fanny to Mary, and she's excited for him and the prospect of it.
  • He then proposes to Fanny, who refuses him.
  • Henry is extremely confused, as is everyone else at Mansfield.
  • But Henry decides that Fanny just needs some time so he refuses to give up pursuing her.
  • He comes to visit her in Portsmouth to continue his courtship.
  • But then he re-encounters Maria.
  • The two begin an affair and Maria leaves her husband for Henry.
  • But they are miserable together and eventually break-up.