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Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park


by Jane Austen

Mary Crawford Timeline and Summary

  • Mary arrives at the Grants' house with her brother Henry.
  • She's determined to find a husband and sets her sights on Tom Bertram.
  • But Mary begins falling for Edmund instead.
  • The two bond over Mary's harp and get closer during a visit to Mr. Rushworth's house.
  • But then Mary is disturbed to find out that Edmund wants to join the clergy.
  • Mary can't decide if Edmund is the man for her or not.
  • Mary accepts a leading role in the play at Mansfield and acts opposite Edmund.
  • After the play breaks up and Henry leaves town, Mary begins spending more time with Fanny.
  • Mary considers Fanny a friend.
  • Henry returns and decides to pursue Fanny; he tells Mary all about his plans, which she finds amusing.
  • Meanwhile, Mary still hopes that Edmund won't become a clergyman and tries to get over him, though without much success.
  • Mary helps Henry try to win over Fanny and gives Fanny a necklace that Henry had given her before a ball.
  • Mary is upset when Edmund leaves to take orders in the church, and she spends even more time with Fanny.
  • Mary is angry when Fanny refuses Henry's proposal, but she quickly gets over it and forgives Fanny.
  • Mary leaves to visit friends in London.
  • She writes to Fanny in Portsmouth and updates her on progress with Edmund.
  • Mary writes to warn Fanny about some rumors regarding Henry, which turn out to be true.
  • Edmund breaks up with Mary after she expresses some very different opinions on the situation with Henry and Maria.
  • Mary continues to live with Mrs. Grant, though now in a new neighborhood, and it takes her quite some time to get over Edmund.