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Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park


by Jane Austen

Mansfield Park Resources


Mansfield Park: Online Text

This website contains the text of the book online and also has some basic information on the novel. This page also talks about some of the poems featured in the book, as well as the featured play Lovers' Vows.

Masterpiece Classic Mansfield Park

Extensive website for the 2007 Masterpiece Classic movie. The site has information on Jane Austen, the book's historical context, images from the movie, and resources and links for further study.

Jane Austen.org

Website that has lots of information about Austen, her historical context, and all of her novels.

Movie or TV Productions

BBC Mansfield Park, 1983

A TV miniseries production of Mansfield Park, presented by the BBC. Originally aired in the United Kingdom.

Mansfield Park, 1999

Movie version starring Frances O'Connor. Fanny has a lot more spunk in this film version than in the novel.

Mansfield Park, 2007

Part of Masterpiece Classic's Jane Austen series that aired on PBS in 2007. This movie stars Billie Piper of Doctor Who fame as Fanny.


Mansfield Park YouTube Playlist

A playlist containing clips from the 1983 and the 1999 movie versions of Mansfield Park.

Trailer: 1999 Mansfield Park

One of the theatrical trailers previewing the 1999 movie version of Mansfield Park.

Lovers' Vows Scene

A clip from the 2007 production of Mansfield Park showing the characters discussing and performing Lovers' Vows.

Action Fanny

Clip from the 2007 movie showing Fanny running around and acting a bit tom-boyish, contrary to how she is portrayed in the book.


"The Case of the Wimpy Heroine"

Fun Salon article on Fanny Price, written by Carol Shields.

PBS NewsHour Discussion of Jane Austen

Full transcript of a round-table discussion about Jane Austen that aired on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer in 1996.

Early Opinions of Mansfield Park

Check out some fun reviews of Mansfield Park that Austen collected from her family and friends. For example, Austen's mom "Thought Fanny insipid.—Enjoyed Mrs. Norris."


Portsmouth, England

Image of one section of Portsmouth, where you can see a lot of the older buildings.

Austen Family Home in Chawton, England

Image of the house where Austen wrote Mansfield Park.

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