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Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo in the Real World


by Francisco X. Stork

Marcelo in the Real World Chapter 10 Summary

  • Arturo's got a surprise for Marcelo this morning: they're going to the gym. Marcelo didn't even know Arturo worked out.
  • Marcelo's much more concerned about something besides getting buff. He's having more and more trouble hearing the IM since he started working at the law firm.
  • At the gym, a man named Mr. Gustafson comes up to Arturo. He's apparently an attorney, too, because he wants to settle out of court with some of Arturo's firm's clients and for both lawyers to give themselves a nice bonus.
  • He's talking about Vidromek. Arturo says it will take a lot to get them to settle. They're mad because they think Gustafson's firm rounded up five people hurt by their windshields and convinced them to sue.
  • Vidromek, it would seem, wants Arturo to destroy Gustafson and his firm. But Arturo's willing to work out a deal if Vidromek can be convinced.
  • The drawback: Gustafson has to deal with Holmes.
  • Marcelo doesn't know what they're talking about, and he's never heard Arturo talk about work before, but the idea that Arturo destroys people is upsetting.
  • When Gustafson goes away and Arturo and Marcelo are alone, Marcelo asks why Arturo would want to destroy a person, and why Vidromek hates Gustafson.
  • Arturo says hate's a strong word and changes the subject: how's Marcelo doing in the mailroom?
  • Marcelo gives him a brief rundown—he can do what's expected of him, but slowly. He and Jasmine get along fine.
  • Arturo is pleased, and he and Marcelo go their separate ways to lift weights. Marcelo wonders if what he just had is what counts for conversation with his father.

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