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Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo in the Real World


by Francisco X. Stork

Marcelo in the Real World Chapter 18 Summary

  • On day two of picking up Wendell's slack, Marcelo gets his own office. Bonus!
  • Well, not technically. It's actually Robert Steely's office. He's an attorney who's going to get fired as soon as he returns from vacation.
  • The reason? He was "too soft." Holmes's secretary Juliet tells Marcelo that people hire Sandoval and Holmes when they want the meanest, toughest attorneys.
  • More than that, though, Steely questioned Holmes, which is something you just don't do.
  • Steely walks in as Marcelo's working. Somehow he's been let past the lobby instead of being sent straight to Arturo's office. It's exactly as awkward as it sounds.
  • Steely figures it out as soon as he sees Marcelo in his office. He can't believe it; he thought they'd give him time to find another job. This just ain't classy.
  • Before Steely came in, Marcelo had gone through his desk and found a magnifying glass. He used it to look more closely at the picture of the girl, and discovered that there's a calendar behind her head.
  • On the calendar: the words "su taqueria" (your taco place) and a zip code. Kid's turning into quite the detective.
  • It also looks like she's standing in a lawyer's office. How does Marcelo know? Because it resembles the offices at his father's firm, although it's not exactly the same. 
  • As soon as he tells Jasmine, she's on it. A little internet sleuthing reveals that the zip code is in Jamaica Plain, a nearby neighborhood in Boston. 
  • Next step: call some taquerias and find out which one gave out calendars, then find a lawyer who eats at one frequently.
  • Marcelo's impressed by Jasmine's ability to think logically. Kindred spirits, those two.

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