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Marcelo in the Real World
Marcelo in the Real World
by Francisco X. Stork
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Marcelo in the Real World Chapter 26 Summary

  • And now for a really beautiful chapter in which Marcelo and Rabbi Heschel talk about love, religion, and losing both IM and faith.
  • Not only can Marcelo not find the IM anymore, he's not as obsessed with religion.
  • Rabbi Heschel gets all Coolest Rabbi Ever and tells Marcelo that everyone in the religion business has screwed the world up big time.
  • She tells him that she became a Rabbi because she had a strong urge. 
  • Marcelo wants to know what to do if you have a strong urge to help somebody if it would hurt someone else. 
  • She tells him that sometimes people start out good and end up evil, even though she doesn't say, "like Arturo."
  • When she tells him to do what feels right, he realizes he has to help Ixtel.
  • As Aurora arrives to pick him up, Rabbi Heschel reminds him that faith is a bit like IM: you have to follow the music even when you can't hear it.
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