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Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo in the Real World

by Francisco X. Stork

Marcelo in the Real World Chapter 30 Summary

  • At home that night, Marcelo tells Aurora he's ready to go to Oak Ridge High. He doesn't want to talk about it, but he's okay with it.
  • He heads for the tree house and thinks some more about suffering. For all he's seen at Paterson, it was nothing compared to the real world.
  • He wonders what will happen if Wendell gets even more evil and sends a copy of Jasmine's letter to Aurora. His mom is pretty awesome, and she doesn't deserve that. 
  • Marcelo wants to go to college to become a nurse like her. He wants to work with children like she does so he can help lessen the hurt in the world.
  • But where to go to college?
  • Vermont, of course.
  • Marcelo sits down at his computer. He's got some research to do.

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