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Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo in the Real World


by Francisco X. Stork

Marcelo Sandoval Timeline and Summary

  • It's the beginning of summer, and Marcelo's psyched about his job working with the horses at the Paterson stables. 
  • His dad, Arturo, proposes that Marcelo work for him at his law firm that summer instead, so that Marcelo can get some experience in the real world.
  • Marcelo agrees, because Arturo's deal is that only by working in the law firm can Marcelo go back to Paterson in the fall.
  • At the law firm, he meets Jasmine (awesome) and Wendell (not so much).
  • Wendell forces Marcelo to take over his work on the Vidromek case.
  • While organizing Vidromek files, Marcelo discovers the picture of the injured Ixtel.
  • With Jasmine's help, Marcelo discovers that Ixtel's attorney is in Boston, and he goes to meet him.
  • Jerry Garcia, the lawyer, convinces Marcelo to do the right thing and help Ixtel.
  • Marcelo enlists Jasmine's help to find the Vidromek quality control letter stating that Vidromek knew their windshields were defective.
  • He goes camping with Jasmine to sort his thoughts out and to spend some time with her, because he's realizing he has a crush on her.
  • After thinking about it over the weekend of the camping trip, Marcelo chooses to give the information in the letter to Jerry Garcia, who uses it as leverage to get Arturo to settle out of court.
  • Marcelo meets Ixtel, who thanks him for helping her.
  • He stands up to his dad, explaining why he did what he did for Ixtel and giving Arturo the letter Wendell gave him, the one that says Arturo and Jasmine fooled around.
  • He resigns himself to going to Oak Ridge High, but tells Jasmine he plans to go to Vermont with her after he finishes his senior year and go to nursing school there.