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Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo in the Real World


by Francisco X. Stork

Marcelo in the Real World Resources


In Which a Stork is a Horse

Get the lowdown on Marcelo straight from the horse's mouth (by which we mean the author, not the horses at Paterson).

Your One-Stop Shopping Source for Marcelo Info

Arthur A. Levine Books has compiled Marcelo's reviews and awards all in one place, for those of us who like to avoid endless googling.

Asperger's What?

Marcelo says that his condition most closely resembles Asperger's Syndrome. Here's the lowdown on what that is.

Articles & Interviews

Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout, Marcelo?

In this interview with Martin Wilson Writes, Francisco X. Stork clues us in on where Marcelo's unique voice came from.

Stork Gets All Fanboy

In which Francisco X. Stork gets excited about being compared to a certain classic YA author. You'll just have to click to find out who.


Marcelo Goes Dutch

Stork talks about Marcelo with a Dutch reporter from Uphill Battle. Don't worry; they start speaking English after the intro.

Writing, Speaking, Dreaming: Authors Talk About Languages (and Not Just the Ones You Study in School)

Stork joins authors Bernardo Atxaga, Randa Jarrar, and Roger Sedarat, for a special PEN American Center program for high school students. Grab a snack—it's long, but fascinating.


Marcelo in the Real World Audiobook

Get your Marcelo fix on MP3 or CD (does anyone actually listen to those things anymore?).


Tanya Kerr Draws Some Marcelo in the Real World Comics

Check out this weird but wonderful cartoon based on the book.

Francisco X. Stork Does an Awesome Thing at the American Library Association Awards

The author poses for a photo with Laura, a 7th grader who's on a mission to read all the Newbery Medal winners.

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