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The United States Marines: A History, by Edwin H. Simmons (2002)

Written by a Brigadier General, this book traces the history of the Corps from its creation in 1775 through the Persian Gulf War. Simmons is primarily interested in the Marines’ military record, but he also explores their tense relationship with the other military branches and the recurring questions of the Corps’ role within a changing defense establishment.

The Greatest U.S. Marine Corps Stories Ever Told: Unforgettable Stories of Courage, Honor, and Sacrifice, by Iain Martin, ed. (2007)

This is not an objective history, nor does Martin spend any time discussing the decades-long debate over the role of the Marine Corps’ within America’s defense strategy. This is a collection of stories about the Marines in action. If you like war stories, you’ll like this book. If you are a fan of the Marines, you’ll love it.

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