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Mark Twain Music

Mark Twain Rap

"None of my novels even had great hooks/ But I'm Mark Twain so that was all it took." So goes the rap of Sam and Nolan, two kids with a video camera, a love of Mark Twain and some mad rhyming skills. Check out the dance moves and pop-up Twain trivia. (As the guys note, it got a little windy during filming, so the lyrics are included on YouTube.) We love it.

The Adventures of Mark Twain

This is the soundtrack to the 1944 film based on Twain's life. Composer Max Steiner and the Moscow Symphony Orchestra provide the music.

Mark Twain

This is the soundtrack to Ken Burns' film about Twain's life. It features vintage recordings of American pop hits popular during Twain's life, as well as monologue performances of Twain's work.

Mark Twain's America: Portrait in Music

This album is a compilation of songs that together give the musical history of the period and places Twain wrote about. Songs range from spirituals to Civil War hymns to popular love songs. It includes classic American tracks such as "Motherless Child" and the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Mark Twain's Dog

Singer/songwriters Ken Zans and Gerry Monks make up this folk acoustic duo out of Kansas City. Check out their tune "Mark Twain's Dog" in which they make the controversial claim that Mark Twain and his dog are, in fact, one and the same.

"Mark Twain and Other Folk Favorites"

Calypso king Harry Belafonte released this album in 1954. The title track, "Mark Twain," refers not to the great storyteller, but to the nautical term from which Samuel Clemens took his pen name. "Mark twain" is what a boat pilot calls out when the ship has reached two fathoms, the depth at which it's safe to navigate.

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