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Mark Twain Video & Audio

Footage of Twain

Thomas Edison shot this amazing silent film of Twain at his home in Redding, Connecticut in 1909, the year before Twain died. He is shown with his daughters Clara and Jean. Jean died later that year.

Mark Twain Tonight!

Hal Holbrook's famous performance as Twain.

An interview with Mark Twain

Actor Hal Holbrook answers questions in the persona of Mark Twain.

Biography of Mark Twain

A 5-part internet biography of Twain. An actor reads his words.

Mark Twain: Background for His Works

A short preview for a biography of Twain's early life.

Mark Twain Tribute

Photos of Twain set to music.

The Adventures of Mark Twain

A trippy, trippy clip from the Claymation classic. We told you this stuff was weird.

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