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The Market Revolution Images

Industrial Spy, Entrepreneurial Genius

Francis Cabot Lowell

Waltham Mill

The Boston Manufacturing Company's first mill built at Waltham, Massachusetts in 1814.

Modern Technology

The power looms and their women operators at the Lowell Mills

Henry Clay

The Kentucky statesman and advocate of the "American System"

"The Marriage of the Waters"

This 1905 painting by C.Y. Turner commemorates the completion of the Erie Canal; New York Governor DeWitt Clinton pours water from Lake Erie into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Erie Canal

An 1830 watercolor of the Eric Canal painted by John William Hill

Charles Finney

The most influential evangelical preacher of the Second Great Awakening

Religious Enthusiasm

Watercolor by J. Maze Burbank (c. 1839) depicting a camp meeting of the Second Great Awakening

Father of the Erie Canal

New York Governor DeWitt Clinton

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