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The Market Revolution Quotes

They Said It

"The onward spirit of the times must have its way. . . . And therefore, railroads and locomotive steam cars—the offsprings, as they will also be the parents, of progressive improvement—should not, of themselves, be considered as nuisances."

- A Kentucky court in rejecting attempts to prevent trains from entering the center of Louisville, 183926
"Taking all vegetable-eating nations together . . . they are a larger and much better formed race than the flesh eaters."

- Sylvester Graham, 185127
"America can never forget to acknowledge that they have built the longest canal in the world, in the least time, with the least experience, for the least money and the greatest public benefit."

- Jesse Hawley at the opening ceremony of the Erie Canal, 182528
"I had rather be right than be president."

- Henry Clay, often described as the greatest man never to be president, 183929
"Like a wave of electricity going through and through me. Indeed it seemed to come in waves and waves of liquid love. . . . And yet it did not seem like water, but rather as the breath of god."

- Charles Grandison Finney describing his conversion in 182130

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