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The Martian Chronicles

The Martian Chronicles


by Ray Bradbury

The Martian Chronicles Identity Quotes

How we cite our quotes: ("Story Name," Paragraph)

Quote #1

He turned, and upon his face was a mask, hammered from silver metal, expressionless, the mask that he always wore when he wished to hide his feelings... ("Ylla," 160)

Oh, hi there, theme of identity: the book starts with a character literally putting on a mask in order to hide his feelings and plans. Got it.

Quote #2

"This is the planet Tyrr," she said, "if you want to use the proper name." ("The Earth Men," 13)

The Earth Men of the First Expedition think they're brave explorers, while everyone else thinks they're crazy Martians. So, who's right? Who gets to name something? If we're just basing our answer on this story, it looks like only the individual gets to name himself. But what about when it comes to naming Mars?

Quote #3

"I christen thee, I christen thee, I christen thee—" said Biggs thickly. "I christen thee Biggs, Biggs, Biggs Canal—" ("—And the Moon Be Still as Bright," 57)

Spender is super worried that people will come to Mars and give everything new names because they don't understand the old ones. And, gee, it looks like he's right. Here, the idiot Biggs tries to rename a small portion of Mars after himself.

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