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The Martian Chronicles

The Martian Chronicles


by Ray Bradbury

The Martian Chronicles: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. What is the significance of the quote: "Biological metamorphosis through psychological imbalance!" ("The Earth Men," 210) -> Mr. Xxx thinks the earth men are actually the "psychotic" projection of crazy Martians.
2. Who says: "They began by controlling books of cartoons and then detective books and, of course, films, one way or another, one group or another, political bias, religious prejudice, union pressures…" ("Usher II," 30)? -> Stendahl
3. What is the significance of the following quote?: "But what is a shape? Only a cup for the blazing soul that God provides us all." ("The Fire Balloons," 178) -> We should drink more tea and coffee in cups.
4. What is the significance of the following quote?: "The fire leaped up to emphasize his talking. And then all the papers were gone except one. All the laws and beliefs of Earth were burnt into small hot ashes which soon would be carried off in a wind." ("The Million-Year Picnic," 127) -> Fires are dangerous, so watch out.
5. The captain had to join the dance. He didn't want to. His face was solemn. -------- watched, thinking: You poor man, what a night this is! ("—And the Moon Be Still as Bright," 53) Who says, "You poor man, what a night this is!"? -> Spender