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The Martian Chronicles

The Martian Chronicles


by Ray Bradbury

The Martian Chronicles Resources


For All the Latest Bradbury News

Bradbury may have said that "We've got too many internets," but it seems like his publisher doesn't agree.

Don't Change a Thing

Bradbury really hated censorship. Let him tell you about it in this essay.

Ray Bradbury in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Free tip: don't base your entire paper on an encyclopedia. Still, The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is an awesome and thorough start.

Historical Documents

They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

When you're interviewed in The Paris Review on "The Art of Fiction," you know you've made it.

All the Ray Bradbury You Could Want

This New York Times topic page has links to a few articles on Ray Bradbury. Check out the interview with the author.

Kim Stanley Robinson on Mars

The great science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson credits Bradbury in an essay on Mars in science fiction.

Chronicle of The Martian Chronicles

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database lists all the different versions of The Martian Chronicles. Impressive!

Still Can't Get Enough?

Check out this site, with notes on all the editions' changes.

Movie or TV Productions


Ray Bradbury on His Inspiration for The Martian Chronicles

Check out Bradbury's short talk from Comic Con on his inspiration.

An Evening with Ray Bradbury (2001)

Pour yourself a nice non-alcoholic beverage and settle in for a longish talk with Bradbury.


A Face Made for Radio

Check this partial adaptation of The Martian Chronicles.

An Audio Interview with Ray Bradbury

If you want to hear what Bradbury sounds like, check out this audio interview.


The Red-and-Blue Planets

This cover for the first edition of The Martian Chronicles is almost as poetic as Bradbury's writing.

Young Ray

Bradbury as a high school senior. Cute!

Blinged Out

Bradbury in 2000, wearing one of his medals.

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