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Mary Shelley Music

Frankenstein, The Musical

Yes, Frankenstein has been made into a musical. Like Shelley's original novel, this musical portrays the monster as a sympathetic figure whose desire for love is thwarted by his grotesque appearance. Listen to the soundtrack to find out what a monster sounds like when he sings.

Young Frankenstein, The Musical

This score brings to life the hilarious 1974 parody of Frankenstein movie remakes. Though it's hard to imagine anyone replacing Gene Wilder, it won the 2008 Tony for Best Musical. Puttin' on the Ritz!

Allan Jaffe, The Mary Shelley Opera

Composer Allan Jaffe created this opera based on the life of Mary Shelley. The first act looks at her life from the time she meets Shelley to the writing of Frankenstein. The second covers the dramatic, tragic twists in her personal life following the death of Shelley.

Vaughan Williams

Vaughan Williams was an English composer of the early twentieth century. He was inspired by the English Romantic poets, including Percy Bysshe Shelley. He wrote a symphony movement inspired by Shelley's poem "Prometheus Unbound."

Electric Frankenstein

Electric Frankenstein is, according to their website, "the world's greatest high energy punk rock n' roll band." That sounds to us like music to create a monster by.

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