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by Roald Dahl

Challenges & Opportunities of Teaching Matilda

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Sample of Challenges & Opportunities

Matilda. For the Roald Dahl fans out there, this book is second to none. Although Matilda is small, seemingly forgotten by her family, and picked on by her own principal, she manages to overcome every obstacle thrown at her and then some. We revel in her victories because everyone loves it when the little guy (or girl) wins.

Although most of us aren't telekinetic (unfortunately), Matilda is rich with opportunities to bring the text back to students' own lives and experiences. We've all felt unappreciated at some point in our lives or have had to deal with evil in one of its many forms, so we can relate to Matilda's plight as she tries to find her way out of an awful situation. There's a little Matilda in all of us, and her strength gives us strength.