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by Roald Dahl

Matilda Chapter 15 Summary

The Second Miracle

  • All the other students leave except Matilda. 
  • Matilda can't keep what just happened inside forever. She knows she needs to talk to someone trustworthy about it, and Miss Honey seems like the best option.
  • As Matilda explains what happened, Miss Honey listens kindly and carefully.
  • While the teacher doesn't believe that could've happened, she doesn't tell Matilda that straight up. 
  • Instead, she asks Matilda to make something else move with her mind. Of course, Miss Honey is sure nothing will happen. 
  • But something does happen. Matilda concentrates, channels that amazing power through her eyes, and, sure enough, she makes the glass fall over again.
  • Unsurprisingly, Miss Honey is completely blown away.
  • It's almost like Matilda has an out-of-body experience. Then she snaps back to reality.
  • What do you do after seeing telekinesis in action? 
  • Have a nice cup of tea, of course. 
  • Miss Honey tries to pull herself together and invites Matilda to come over to her house for some refreshments.
  • Her student joyfully accepts and they agree to keep what just happened a total secret. 
  • Not that anyone would believe them anyway.

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