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by Roald Dahl

Miss Honey Timeline and Summary

  • On the first day of school, Miss Honey realizes one of her students, Matilda, is a full-on genius.
  • So Miss Honey goes to see Matilda's parents to try and help the girl grow, thinking they'll work together to help Matilda reach her full potential. Of course, the Wormwoods don't get it.
  • So Miss Honey decides she'll have to help Matilda on her own.
  • On Thursdays, the Trunchbull sits in on Miss Honey's class. Miss Honey warns them all that they'll have to behave.
  • When the Trunchbull is there, she terrorizes everybody. The newt appears and the glass tips over.
  • After class, Matilda tells Miss Honey that she knocked the glass over.
  • Miss Honey invites Matilda over for tea. 
  • During the visit, we learn how poor Miss Honey really is and how much she goes without.
  • Miss Honey tells Matilda her life story—about how her father died once her abusive aunt came to live with them, and how the aunt kept Miss Honey from going to college. The aunt, who's the Trunchbull, still takes all of Miss Honey's salary, and the only thing Miss Honey has been able to do to get away is move into her run-down shack. 
  • When she and Matilda part, Miss Honey answers the young girl's questions about her past.
  • The following Thursday, Matilda performs her ghostly chalk-writing prank, and tells the Trunchbull to right all her wrongs against Miss Honey.
  • Miss Honey knows it was Matilda moving the chalk, and they embrace. 
  • Then Miss Honey gets to move into her old home and get her inheritance back. She and Matilda hang out every day.
  • When Matilda's family moves to Spain, Matilda stays behind; she and Miss Honey get to make a home together.