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by Roald Dahl
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Character Role Analysis


Matilda is our brave and clever heroine who overcomes meanness and oppression both at home and at school. She faces injustice and she saves the day, every time, whether she's going up against her own dad or the gigantic monstrous headmistress that everybody else hates. Matilda's brave. She doesn't wait for other people to intervene in her life—she defends herself and makes sure to get justice for the unjust.

Matilda almost takes on the role of knight in shining armor, too. She loves her kind and caring teacher, Miss Honey. When she finds out that Miss Honey's been victimized by the headmistress, Matilda springs into action. Funnily enough, by saving Miss Honey, Matilda saves herself. She puts Miss Honey in a position to take care of others and creates a home where both of them can eventually live.

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