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Hypocrisy Theme

Gospel of Matthew Theme of Hypocrisy Quotes

Want to know how to be awesome? Just look at a hypocrite and do the exact opposite. At least that's what Matthew's Jesus would say. Whenever he wants to make a point about what not to do, he singles out the hypocrites. And who are the best hypocrites around? Why, the Pharisees and chief priests, of course. At the time, these guys were the head honchos, so it was actually a pretty big deal for Jesus to call them out like that. Why is he so hung up on them?

Questions About Hypocrisy

  1. Did Jesus disrespect the chief priests and Pharisees by calling them out on their hypocrisy? Or was he doing the right thing by unmaking them?
  2. Does the word hypocrite have the same meaning today as it did for Matthew's Jesus?
  3. Why does Jesus use hypocrisy as the big example of what not to do? Why not some other sin?

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