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The Mayor of Casterbridge

The Mayor of Casterbridge


by Thomas Hardy

The Mayor of Casterbridge Chapter 31 Summary

  • Henchard has been disgraced by the furmity woman's announcement at the Town Hall.
  • He'd already lost a ton of money because of the bad gamble he'd made before the harvest, but now no one wants to extend their loans to him any longer.
  • Added to that, several people who owed him money aren't able to pay up.
  • Finally, he has to declare bankruptcy.
  • Most people in his position would lie and keep a little bit of money socked away when the bankers asked them to give up all their assets, but Henchard is completely honest.
  • He even offers to give them his pocket watch.
  • Henchard has to move out of his fancy house.
  • He moves into Joshua Jopp's cottage because he has nowhere else to go.
  • Elizabeth-Jane tries to visit him, but he doesn't want to see anyone.
  • Farfrae has bought Henchard's business, including all the warehouses and offices, and even the big house.

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