The Mayor of Casterbridge
The Mayor of Casterbridge
by Thomas Hardy
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The Mayor of Casterbridge Friendship Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

Henchard looked down upon him in silence, and their eyes met. "O, Farfrae – that's not true!" he said, bitterly. "God is my witness that no man ever loved another as I did thee at one time. [. . .] And now – though I came here to kill 'ee, I cannot hurt thee! Go and give me in charge – do what you will – I care nothing what comes of me!" (38.34)

Henchard has beaten Farfrae in a fight, even with one hand tied behind his back. Farfrae tells him to go ahead and kill him, since he's wanted to for so long. But Henchard can't bring himself to do it. Even though they're no longer friends, he can't forget how close they used to be.

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