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The Mayor of Casterbridge

The Mayor of Casterbridge


by Thomas Hardy

The Mayor of Casterbridge Resources


The Thomas Hardy Association

Here's a link to the Thomas Hardy Association, headquartered at Yale University.

The Thomas Hardy Society

Not to be confused with the Thomas Hardy Association – they're two different groups!

Thomas Hardy Country

This website has images of the countryside that inspired Hardy's Wessex.

Movie or TV Productions

1921 Film Adaptation

Here's info on the earliest film version of The Mayor of Casterbridge.

2003 Miniseries

Here's info on the most recent adaptation of the novel.

Historical Documents

Wessex Maps

The Thomas Hardy Association has put together a collection of handy maps of Wessex, the fictional county where many of the author's novels take place.

The Illustrations

This is a critical article written about the original illustrations that accompanied the story.


Movie Trailer

The trailer to the 2003 adaptation.

Scene From the 2003 Adaptation

This is a scene from after Farfrae and Lucetta's marriage.


Portrait of Thomas Hardy

He had a completely awesome moustache.

Ladies' Handwriting

An image of a ladies' handwriting worksheet. This is the kind of penmanship Henchard expects Elizabeth-Jane to use. It was considered genteel and feminine.

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