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The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues)

The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues)


by Rick Riordan

The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues) Resources


Something Fishy

We're not done spilling secrets yet. Did you see the strange website on the copyright page? now re-directs to the 39 Clues website, but it looks like it used to lead to this fake page about the Loch Ness monster. What could this have to do with the Cahills?

Need a Clue?

To get all the info you could ever want, and then some, on The 39 Clues and its sequel series, Vespers vs. Cahills, check out the official website.

The Mastermind of the Game

You may have heard of the creator of The 39 Clues. No, not Grace Cahill, but the author of the first book, Rick Riordan. His website has all you need to know about him, including upcoming signings and events.

Movies or TV Productions

39 Clues in Approximately 90 Minutes

The 39 Clues is in pre-production to hit the big screen in 2014. Who's in your dream cast?

Articles and Interviews

Get Clued In

In this Author of the Month interview, 39 Clues creator Rick Riordan reveals his favorite character and why The 39 Clues was the perfect project for him.

Super-Duper Tip-Top Secret

Rick Riordan spills the beans on the reason there are 39 clues (and not 79) and the Alfred Hitchcock connection in this interview with Scholastic.


History Comes Alive

In this video, super author Rick Riordan talks about why his kids love The 39 Clues.

Mission: Possible

Need help navigating the Cahills' online missions? This guy has a video walkthrough to get you through the sticky situations.


Hear the Clues

Sample the Maze of Bones audiobook with this short clip.

You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet

Haven't got enough? There's another audio sample here on Scholastic's website.


Where There's a Will...

Want to know exactly what Grace said in her will? Now's your chance just as though you got a golden ticket to the will reading yourself.

Celebrity Cahills

How many historical figures and celebrities are Cahills? Who can you identify in this wallpaper?

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