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McCarthyism & Red Scare

McCarthyism & Red Scare

Discussion and Essay Questions

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Sample of Discussion and Essay Questions

  1. Politics in McCarthyism
    • Consider the bold decisions made by Truman—he used the atomic bomb against Japan, he took a hard line against the Soviets, and he pledged to combat communist expansion throughout the world.
    • Are you surprised that he acted so boldly?
    • Does the boldness of his actions square with his path to the presidency?
    • Do you think Roosevelt would have approved?
    • What if Wallace rather than Truman had been vice-president?
    • What do you think of Wallace’s campaign positions?
      • Would his conciliatory approach have been wise?
    • What message did his defeat send to politicians of both parties?
    • What does all this say about the vice-presidential selection process?
    • What lesson should presidential candidates learn about their vice-presidential decisions?


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