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Measure for Measure Act 2, scene 3 Summary

  • Meanwhile, the Duke shows up at the prison disguised as a friar so he can "minister" to the inmates. (Yep, that's pretty odd. Check out our thoughts in "Characters: Duke Vincentio" if you want some insight into this.)
  • Juliet enters and the Provost tells the Duke/Friar that Juliet is going to have a baby out of wedlock and her baby daddy is sentenced to die tomorrow.
  • The Duke/Friar asks Juliet if she repents her sin.
  • She does.
  • The Duke wants to know if the sex was consensual.
  • It was.
  • Juliet says that her sin was bigger than Claudio's. (Weird. What's up with that?)
  • The Duke/Friar tells Juliet he's off to see Claudio, who is set to die tomorrow.
  • Juliet is shocked to hear of Claudio's punishment and says as much.

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