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Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure


by William Shakespeare

 Table of Contents

Measure for Measure Characters

Meet the Cast


It doesn't take long for audiences to figure out that Angelo is the biggest hypocrite ever. An uptight deputy who's left in charge of enforcing Vienna's laws, Angelo sentences Claudio to death for...


Like a Virgin The most important thing to know about Isabella is that she's a virgin and she plans on staying that way. Forever. When we first meet this young woman, she's getting ready to join...

Duke Vincentio

The Duke is, well, the Duke of Vienna. At the play's beginning, he decides to fake a vacation and puts Angelo in charge of handing out justice.Some learning guides will tell you that Duke Vincenti...


Claudio is the fornicating brother of Isabella. And, since fornication (you know, sex outside of marriage…) is both a sin and a capital crime in this play, Claudio is thrown in the slammer and s...

Mistress Overdone

With a name like "Mistress Overdone," it's no surprise this character runs a brothel outside the city limits of Vienna. When she finds out that all the suburban brothels are being torn down, she's...


Mariana is the jilted ex-fiancé of Angelo (who dumped her after her dowry was lost when her brother's ship sank in the middle of the ocean). This, apparently, was pretty traumatic experience for...


Lucio is Claudio's zany, bachelor pal. Lucio has a wicked sense of humor, a big mouth, and a penchant for lying. (He spreads a rumor that Duke Vincentio likes hanging out with prostitutes and te...


Barnardine is a drunken prisoner scheduled to be executed the same day as Claudio the fornicator. In order to save Claudio's life, the Duke hatches a plan to substitute Barnardine's head for Claud...


Juliet is Claudio's baby mama. In the play, her pregnancy is what tips off Angelo and the authorities that she and Claudio have broken the law by having sex outside of marriage. If we're expectin...
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