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Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure


by William Shakespeare

Duke Vincentio Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: The Duke announces that he's leaving town and puts Angelo in charge while he's away.
  • 1.3: The Duke shows up at a monastery and asks to be disguised as a friar so he can spy on Angelo and his subjects.
  • 3.1: The Duke goes to the prison to offer his support to the inmates and listens in on Isabella's conversation with Claudio about Angelo's proposition.
  • 3.1: The Duke hatches a plan to trick Angelo into sleeping with Mariana without knowing it.
  • 3.2: The Duke spies on Elbow and Pompey
  • 4.1: The Duke accompanies Isabella to Mariana's isolated farmhouse.
  • 4.2: The Duke comes up with a plan to substitute an inmate's head for that of Claudio.
  • 5.1: The Duke removes his friar disguise and watches as Isabella confronts Angelo.
  • 5.1: The Duke puts on another disguise.
  • 5.1: The Duke removes his disguise and hands out a bunch of sentences.
  • 5.1: The Duke pardons almost everyone and then proposes to Isabella.