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Isabella Timeline and Summary

  • 1.4: Isabella chills at the convent with Francesca and complains that the order of St. Clare isn't strict enough.
  • 1.4: Isabella finds out that Claudio's been busted for fornicating.
  • 2.2: Isabella visits Angelo and begs the deputy to spare her brother's life.
  • 2.4: Angelo propositions Isabella, who refuses to sleep with Angelo.
  • 3.1: Isabella visits her brother in jail and delivers the bad news.
  • 3.1: Isabella chats with the Duke (who is disguised as a friar) and agrees to participate in a bed trick.
  • 4.1: Isabella meets with Angelo's ex-fiancé and makes plans to punk Angelo.
  • 5.1: Isabella accuses Angelo of being a virgin violator (even though he slept with Mariana and not her) and asks the Duke to punish him.
  • 5.1: Isabella hangs out and watches as Angelo is confronted and then confesses to everything.
  • 5.1: Isabella gets on her knees and pleads for the Duke to spare Angelo's life.
  • 5.1: Isabella finds out that her brother is alive after all.
  • 5.1: Isabella gets engaged (sort of) when the Duke proposes but remains completely silent.