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Measure for Measure Marriage Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act.Scene.Line). Line numbers correspond to the Riverside edition.

Quote #7

O my dear lord,
I crave no other, nor no better man. (5.1.12)

Mariana knows that Angelo is no good but she wants to be married to him anyway.  But why?  Angelo broke off their engagement because she didn't have a dowry and later tried to coerce Isabella into sleeping with him.  So, what's the deal with Mariana wanting to be with this jerk?

Quote #8

Well, Angelo, your evil quits you well:
Look that you love your wife; her worth yours.
I find an apt remission in myself;
And yet here's one in place I cannot pardon. (5.1.61)

The Duke pardons Angelo and revokes the death penalty, but he orders him to wed Mariana and to love his wife.  Angelo doesn't have much to say about this, which makes us wonder if he feels like his marriage to Mariana is a form of punishment.

Quote #9

[To ISABELLA] If he be like your brother, for his sake
Is he pardon'd; and, for your lovely sake,
Give me your hand and say you will be mine.
He is my brother too: but fitter time for that. (5.1.61)

When the Duke asks Isabella to marry him, we're not sure if she's happy or mortified because she never responds.  Is the Duke's offer to marry Isabella a welcomed proposal or an unwanted proposition?  We can interpret this moment either way because Shakespeare is being completely ambiguous. 

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