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Measure for Measure Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. Should Isabella do whatever it takes to save her brother's life, or is she right when she refuses to compromise herself?
  2. Remind us again, why is it that the Duke fakes his absence and spies on his subjects?
  3. In what generic category should we place Measure for Measure? Is it a comedy?
  4. Why does Mariana go along with the "bed trick"? Why does Isabella go along with the bed trick?
  5. What's the overall significance of the title, Measure for Measure?
  6. How does the play's ending compare to the endings of Shakespeare's other "comedies"?
  7. What's the overall function of the comic sub-plot that revolves around Pompey?
  8. Do you think the Duke is a good ruler? Does Shakespeare seem to think the Duke is a good ruler?

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