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Measure for Measure Resources

Movie or TV Productions

Measure Joins the British Army (2006)

Director Bob Komar sets Measure for Measure in modern-day British army barracks.

Measure for Measure in a Modern Police State (1995)

This one is part of the BBC's Performance series.  Director David Thacker's provocative adaptation places Measure for Measure in a modern-day police state where fornication and other so-called acts of sexual immorality are punishable crimes. 

Measure for Measure, Straight Up (1979)

Directed by Desmond Davis as part of BBC's "The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare" series, this is the go-to TV production for traditionalists because it's pretty faithful to the text and easy to come by.

Historical Documents

1623 Title Page of the Play

Check out this facsimile of the 1623 edition's title page.

Promos and Cassandra

Read a facsimile of Shakespeare's main source for Measure for Measure, George Whetstone's Promos and Cassandra (1578).


Act 2, Scene 2

Watch Isabella beg Angelo for her fornicating brother's life, compliments of YouTube.

Reduced Shakespeare Company's "Shakespeare Biography"

Check out the RSC's hilarious performance/biography of William Shakespeare.

RSC Does Shakespeare's Comedies

Check out the RSC's condensed interpretation of Shakespeare's comedies, including Measure for Measure.


Claudio and Isabella (1850)

William Holman Hunt's painting, "Claudio and Isabella," portrays a moment from Act 3, Scene 1.

Mariana (1851)

Check out this image of Mariana by artist John Everett Millais (the guy responsible for the famous Ophelia painting).

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