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Measure for Measure
Measure for Measure
by William Shakespeare
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Measure for Measure Sex Quotes Page 4

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(Act.Scene.Line). Line numbers correspond to the Riverside edition.
Quote #10

Behold, behold. where Madam Mitigation comes! I
have purchased as many diseases under her roof as come to--
Second Gentleman
To what, I pray?
Second Gentleman
To three thousand dolours a year.
First Gentleman
Ay, and more.
A French crown more.
First Gentleman
Thou art always figuring diseases in me; but thou
art full of error; I am sound. (1.2.9)

When Lucio talks about how much money he's spent at Mistress Overdone's brothel, he associates coins with venereal disease. A "French crown" is a French gold coin and also refers to a bald head, which is an unfortunate consequence of the "French disease" (syphilis).

This is pretty gross, but Lucio's logic also makes a lot of sense because coins are put into circulation in the same way that venereal diseases (like syphilis) are exchanged.

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