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Mechanisms of Evolution

Mechanisms of Evolution

Mechanisms of Evolution: How Well Do Your Genes Fit True or False

1. Which of the following does NOT negate the Hardy-Weinberg principle? -> Random mating
2. Which type of speciation occurs when an organism contains more than two copies of chromosomes? -> Sympatric
3. The mean of a population phenotype for neck length in giraffes is skewed towards taller necks due to an increase in tree height. This is best described by -> Stabilizing selection
4. Selection occurring when two extremes of a population phenotype are favored is -> Disruptive
5. A trait that is influenced by many genes can be described as -> Polyploidy
6. Two different species of beetles are unable to mate. This is a -> Natural selection
7. In a population of tulips, two different alleles exist for flower color. One codes for yellow and the other codes for red. The allelic frequency of the yellow allele is 60%. What percent of the population is homozygous for the red allele? -> 16%
8. Which of the following situations would be an example that could result in gene flow? -> Two populations of the same bee species feeding from the same population of flowers
9. Which of the following best describes evolution caused by allelic changes in DNA sequence? -> Adaptive mutations
10. Natural selection occurring when a small group of individuals start a new population is known as -> Bottleneck effect