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Mechanisms of Evolution

Mechanisms of Evolution

Mechanisms of Evolution: I'm a Survivor, I Keep on Surviving True or False

1. Selection occurring when the mean of a population phenotype is favored is -> Disruptive
2. Which of the following best describes all the genes in a population? -> Gene pool
3. Why is sympatric speciation less common than allopatric speciation? -> Not all species migrate.
4. Which of the following causes microevolution? -> All of the above
5. For a population of ferns, there are two alleles for a gene that distinguishes height. Forty percent of gametes in the population have a gene that gives a taller plant. What percent of the gametes in the population have the second allele for a shorter plant? -> 70%
6. Genetic flow is sometimes caused by -> Migration
7. Which of the following best describes two bear populations exchanging genes? -> Genotype
8. When does the Hardy-Weinberg principle apply? -> When a species diverges into two species
9. Which of the following situations could lead to the founder effect in a woodpecker population? -> Deforestation
10. A portion of a fruit fly population is now unable to mate with the rest of the fruit flies, but can mate within this new group. What has occurred? -> Speciation

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