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Medea Photos

    The Good Ol’ Days
    Jason once found me so entrancing. [Jason and Medea by John William Waterhouse, 1907]

    Oh, Brother
    Okay, yes. I killed my brother. But I did it for LOVE! [The Golden Fleece by Herbert James Draper, 1904]

    Medea, the Good Witch
    See, I’m not all bad—this is me restoring Jason’s father to his youth. [Medea Rejuvenating Eson by Domenicus van Wynen, 17th century]

    Dark Thoughts
    It’s not like it was an easy decision... [Médée by Henri Klagmann, 1868]

    I Still Feel Bad About It, Okay?
    Really bad. [Medea about to Kill her Children by Eugène Delacroix, 1838]

    Dragon Chariot
    Come on, you have to hand it to me—a chariot drawn by dragons is the coolest getaway car there is. [Miss Clairon in Medea by Charles André van Loo, 1760]

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