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Medea Sightings

  • Medea by Euripides 432BC

    This is the play about Medea and we have a ton to say about it.

  • The Argonautica by Apollonius Rhodius 301BC - 202BC

    Check out Medea and Jason’s days with the Argonauts in this ancient poem.

  • The Argonautica by Valerius Flaccus 101BC - 2BC

    Another version of the Quest for the Golden Fleece by the author often recognized for having the most ridiculous name ever.

  • The Library of History by Diodorus Siculus 101BC - 2BC

    Here’s more on Medea, Jason, and the Argonauts. And hey, another fun name.

  • The Metamorphoses by Ovid 201 - 300

    Ovid gives you all the gory details of King Pelias’s death at the hands of his own daughters—brought to you by the cunning of Medea.

  • Medea by Seneca 50

    The Roman playwright puts his own spin on Medea’s revenge.

  • Medea 1969

    Big time opera star, Maria Callas, stars as the tortured sorceress.

  • Medea 1983

    Zoe Caldwell takes her turn as Medea in this film.

  • Medea 1988

    Revolutionary director Lars von Trier puts an artsy spin on the tragedy in this film.

  • Medea 2005

    Medea goes modern in this TV miniseries.

  • The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan 2010

    Medea tries to use magical “charmspeak” to convince some young demigods to chop each other into little pieces in this follow-up series to Percy Jackson.

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