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Medea's Wall


I don’t understand why Jason gets to live in Elysium, and I’m stuck out here in the crappy part of the Underworld. If it weren’t for me, he totally would’ve failed in his quest for the Golden Fleece. He’s not a real hero at all.


I really wish you’d stop posting things about me. It makes Glauce really upset.


Well, she’s dead now, thanks to you. So it’s not like she’ll ever get any older.


Wait, so you would leave me if I were still aging?


I didn’t mean it like that.


I’m sleeping at Orpheus and Eurydice’s tonight.

I really wish my dad hadn’t sent back the Father’s Day present I got him.

King Aeetes

You are no longer my daughter.


STOP posting things about ME!

Can’t wait for Mermeros and Pheres’ birthday party!


What makes you think you’re invited?


I think you relinquished custody when you killed them.

Medea, I really think you ought to do something to improve your image.

Don’t take this the wrong way, dear. But you’re one of my most famous followers, and you have... well, something of a bad reputation.

She’s right, sweetie. You kind of give us witches a bad name.

We’re only trying to help you.

Maybe you should do some charity work or something like that.

Mmmm, let’s think a little harder.

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