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by Euripides

Medea Fourth Episode & Fourth Choral Ode Summary

  • Jason enters, with the Nurse.
  • He asks Medea what she wants.
  • Medea tells him that she's come around to his point of view. She sees now that she was being ungrateful, for not realizing that he was only trying to help the family.
  • She calls for the children and urges them to hug their father. All the strife is over.
  • Jason wishes that his sons would hug him like that forever.
  • Medea chokes up a bit at loving sight.
  • Jason cries a bit, too.
  • He praises Medea, telling her he doesn't blame her for acting hysterically before. That's just how women are.
  • Medea cries.
  • Jason asks her what's wrong.
  • She begs him to talk his new wife and Creon into letting the boys stay in Corinth.
  • Jason is pretty sure he can get his new wife to agree.
  • Medea tells him she'll help out by sending his new wife a gossamer gown and a golden diadem.
  • She orders the boys to go inside and bring out the presents.
  • Medea says that these items were treasures from her father.
  • The boys return with the boxes containing the presents.
  • Medea tells them to take the gifts to their stepmother.
  • Jason advises Medea not to bother with the gifts, saying he can convince his new wife with no problem.
  • Medea argues that gold has stronger bargaining power than anything else.
  • She packs Jason and the boys off, telling them to make sure that the new wife touches the items with her own hands.

Fourth Choral Ode

  • The Chorus sings of all the terrible things that are about to go down:
  • The boys are doomed.
  • Jason's new bride is doomed.
  • Jason is doomed.
  • Medea will have her revenge. (Insert maniacal super-villain laugh here.)

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