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by Euripides

Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

Leader: How frightening is resentment
how difficult to cure,
When lovers hurl past love
at one another's hate. (61)

Here again we see love depicted as the seed for the worst kind of hatred. Jason and Medea's venom for each other is so intense, because their love was just as passionate.

Quote #5

Jason: Well, as far as I'm concerned
it was Aphrodite and no one else in heaven or earth
who save me on my voyage, […]
it was […] sheer shooting passion,
that drove you [Medea] to save my life. (62)

This seems like a pretty flimsy argument to us. Why does the fact that Medea helped Jason out of love negate the fact that she helped him? What does Jason think would be a better motivation for Medea's assistance? Power? Personal gain? Jason, it seems like you're just digging yourself a deeper hole.

Quote #6

Chorus: Love is a dangerous thing: […]
But, oh, if the goddess should visit
A love that is modest and right,
No god is so exquisite. (80)

Here again we have a very cynical view of love. The Chorus seems to be saying a healthy relationship is impossible. From the perspective of the play all love inevitably leads to tragedy.

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