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by Euripides

Medea Timeline and Summary

  • Medea laments the fact that her husband has taken a new wife.
  • She wins the Chorus over to her side by appealing to them as fellow woman and then declares revenge.
  • She convinces Creon to let her and her sons stay in Corinth one more day, then secures safe harbor with King Aegeus of Athens.
  • Next, Medea tricks Jason into thinking that she's cool with his new marriage.
  • She manipulates her husband into asking Glauke if her kids can stay in Corinth.
  • Once this is done, she sends Jason and the boys off with cursed gifts for Glauke.
  • Still, Medea vacillates as to whether she should kill her sons.
  • She decides the boys' death is necessary and then revels in the news that Glauke and Creon have been incinerated.
  • She slaughters her two boys.
  • Then, she erupts into the sky in a dragon-drawn chariot.
  • She trades some last bitter words with Jason.
  • Medea flies into the night, taking with her the bodies of her sons.